Homes for Sale In Medford MA

Real estate is the business of buying and selling real estate. There are several types of property, and each one has its own unique characteristics and uses. Whether it is vacant land or developed property, a land agent can provide a range of services. He or she can handle the paperwork and oversee the marketing and selling of properties. As the primary contact for both the buyer and seller, an agent must be able to multitask effectively to keep on top of the business.

When buying a home, a seller is required to disclose known housing defects, including termites, rat infestation, and mold. In some cases, the buyer may have to make a deposit to secure financing. But even if the buyer is prepared to pay a higher price, it is still vital to know about any known issues. A seller must disclose any existing and known issues with the house, such as water sources, sewers, and flooding.

The role of a real estate agent is important, but the benefits are not without downsides. As a gatekeeper in a transaction, real estate agents can often become a hindrance to a buyer’s decision. In some cases, the relationship between a broker and a customer has come to a tense point, with some consumers arguing that the agent should have a duty of loyalty to the customer. As a result, the real estate agent may gain more information about their customer, such as their financial situation and what type of trade-offs they will have with their home.

Although our office is in Revere, we have clients coming from neighboring areas like Medford. The town is located in Middlesex County. As of the 2010 census, its population was 59,659, making it a relatively small city. The nearby Tufts University campus is a prominent attraction for residents. The surrounding area also includes several other colleges. Some of the best areas to visit include the waterfront, the historic district, and the Tufts University campus.

Compared to many other communities in the region, Medford Massachusetts offers more living space for the same price. The city’s housing stock is comprised of single-family homes and two-family conversions, located on tree-lined streets. The area has a low rate of crime, and its residents are generally friendly and helpful. The average income is $52,470 for a family of four, while the per capita income is $24,707. In addition to the many amenities, Medford boasts three PEG cable TV channels: TV3, channel 16, and Mystic River.

The cost of living in Medford is comparable to that of neighboring Somerville. Home prices in the suburb are rising steadily, but the Green Line extension in Somerville is expected to add to the area’s growing need for affordable housing. In response to the lack of affordable housing, the city council recently passed a zoning change that requires new, larger housing developments to include units for low-income families. In addition, the town’s residents are benefited by easy access to public transportation.

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